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  • I hereby certify that BLUE SPARING SERVICES(OPC)PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated on this third day of August

  • Two Thousand seventeen under the companies Act 2013(18 of 2013)and that the comapany is limited by shares

  • The incorporation of the company on the basis of documents and declarations of the applicants.

  • Blue Sparing office at Jaipur

    Industry: Information technology consulting

    Founded: 2017

    Founder: Mahendra Godara
    We are an information technology and software organization. We started our work on 02/08/2017. The purpose of our company was that we should observe the problems of the people and find their solution. And then we selected a particular field and understanding the problems in it, we started working on it. And that field was insurance we saw that many people work in this field and they know how to face many problems in daily life. And out of that the major problem was that many agents work for different companies and the problem is coming in front of them that how we will manage this data. So keeping that problem in mind, we build software,mobile app to manage insurance data, which made their work even easier. And then our journey started like this and then after this we never looked back and we made a different identity in this area. And now we are doing many different work with unique ideas. As the tag line of our company is Think different to be the best.

    Thank You!