Graphic Designs Services

  • Definition Phase

  •    Step 1: Creative Brief
       Step 2: Graphic Design Research
       Step 3: Brainstorming / Mood Boarding

  • Creation Phase

  •    Step 4: Sketching
       Step 5: Design Building
       Step 6: Refining

  • Feedback Phase

  •    Step 7: Presenting
       Step 8: Revisions

  • Delivery Phase

  •    Step 9: Final Delivery

    Definition Phase:

    The first step in the creative graphic design process is it helps the designer learn more about the needs of the client.He needs to structure the information after gathering it.Once you have a good understanding of your client and his or her competitors, it's time to generate design ideas.

    Creation Phase:

    Now it's time to build on your prioritized ideas and start sketching. Working on computer designs means exposing yourself to distractions,such as your latest Facebook notifications and LinkedIn messages.

    Feedback Phase:

    The way you're presenting your work will affect your number of revisions, as well as the related feedback. Of course, it also depends on your clients.You can upload your designs, and invite your clients to review them.

    Delivery Phase:

    Congrats! You delivered the final design(s), and the client is happy. Time to send out an invoice.That way, you can manage and track all of your transactions within the software.